About Global Public Health

Global public health focuses on protecting and improving the health of populations and communities and ensuring health equity. Global public health professionals have worked over the last century to extend life expectancy, reduce infant mortality, and improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations in the US and abroad. The Dominican Global Public Health Program strives to prepare competent, culturally sensitive, and ethically grounded professionals with a strong foundation in global public health theories and practice.

Global Public Health Program Learning Outcomes

  1.  Apply knowledge of human cultures and the sciences to complex public health issues and health disparities.
  2.  Assess the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and populations by integrating information from a wide range of sources.
  3.  Discuss legal, regulatory and/or ethical issues that impact global public health practice 
  4.  Engage in collaborative and interdisciplinary teamwork for improving the health of populations.
  5.  Design evidence-based strategies for protecting or improving health in diverse contexts and for diverse populations.
  6.  Effectively communicate in oral, written, and visual forms to engage diverse audiences in local, national and global public health issues.

At the senior level, all Global Public Health majors complete a two-semester capstone course sequence in which they work with faculty to conduct a literature review, write a proposal, and implement a project or conduct a small research study to address a current global public health issue. Examples of previous projects can be found at the Dominican Scholarly and Creative Works Conference site http://scholar.dominican.edu/scw/



Global Public Health students

The undergraduate global public health program is focused on preparing both a  global public health workforce to meet future job demands, and better educated citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to enhance their own well being as well as protect the health of individuals around the world.