Amy Rankin-Williams

Headshot - Amy Rankin-Williams

Amy Rankin-Williams, MA, DrPH
Adjunct Faculty
Public Health Internship Coordinator

Academic and Professional Accomplishments


For the last 14 years Dr. Rankin-Williams has worked with non-governmental organizations providing HIV education, testing and treatment in Honduras and Malawi. Earlier, she directed programs for at-risk families and children in northern and southern California and New York. She received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Reed College and Harvard University, respectively. Dr. Rankin-Williams received her Doctorate in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  

Selected Publications and Presentations


Rankin-Williams, A., Mguntha, A., Geoffroy, E., Schell, E., “How can male rates of HIV testing in southern Malawi be increased? A mixed methods study of men’s preferences.” (under review)

Weinstein, J., Geoffroy, E., Schell, E., Bolokonya, E., Mphanda, G., Rankin-Williams, A., Bvumbwe, A., Rankin, S., “Determining the barriers to male voluntary HIV testing in southern rural Malawi: A qualitative study.” Annals of Global Health, 82 (3): 530 (2016)

Consortium of Universities for Global Health. “How can male rates of HIV testing in southern Malawi be increased? A mixed methods study of men’s preferences.” Rankin-Williams, A., Mguntha, A., Geoffroy, E. San Francisco, CA. April 10, 2016.

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