Department of Health Sciences

Why do muscles enlarge from a workout, but atrophy from certain diseases? Why do strokes occur? How effective are smoking cessation programs in certain populations? How can eating disorders be treated? What are the latest findings on autism? Where did Zika virus come from, how did it spread to new parts of the world, and why is it such a concern? The study of health science is the road to answering these and many other important questions.

The Department of Health Sciences is located in Meadowlands Hall, set in the garden-like campus of Dominican, with picturesque landscape architecture and a year-round view of Mt. Tamalpais.


Careers in healthcare are projected to increase considerably in the coming decades, and demand for college graduates with a broad knowledge of health care issues and trends continue to grow.


The Department of Health Sciences offers multiple degree options that lead to a broad range of career possibilities.

Undergraduate Programs

A Bachelor of Science degree in Global Public Health can lead you to a rewarding career in health education, health literacy, patient advocacy, healthcare navigation, public health research, further graduate study, and a variety of other vocations.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Health Sciences is also offering a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies, leading to a meaningful career practicing medicine on teams with physicians, surgeons, and healthcare workers.

There is great national need for more well trained healthcare professionals: 19 of the top 30 fastest growing careers in the nation in 2016 are jobs in the health sciences. With the strong scientific background, rigorous training, leadership skills, community focus, and keen competitive edge you can achieve at the Dominican University of California, you too can realize your dreams for a promising career in the health field.

International Fieldwork

As a student in the Department of Health Sciences, you have a unique opportunity to participate in a summertime Global Learning course, where you will receive in-depth, real world experiences in international locations such as Namibia, Mexico, and the Mediterranean coast.

To learn more about our upcoming international fieldwork course in Merida, Mexico download the Summer 2017 Applied Research and Community Health flyer.

Global Learning courses are offered through the Global Education Office and are featured in the Dominican press.