Course Content

One weekend training session will be held each month except during the winter holidays and the month of August.

Class One: How to Be Here Now

Date: TBD
Exercises: Grounding; boundaries; breath; range of emotions; intention to be here; energetic presence.
Lecture: Freud, Reich, and Lowen: The Foundations of an Analytic, Somatic Therapy

Class Two: The Formation of a Grounded Self


Exercises: (working in dyads) Standing, observing movement and feeling shifts. How we walk with ease. Observing upper and lower body energy consonance. Breathe and bend.
Lecture: The Radical Body Awareness of Melanie Klein

Class Three: The Self and the Function of Boundary


Exercises: The boundary exercise, breathe and bend, pushing away, etc.
Lecture: D.W. Winnicott: The Body and The True/False Self

Class Four: The Self and the Function of Breath


Exercises: Breathe and bend: Breath upper, middle, lower; Reich’s pelvic breath.
Lecture: Breath in Spiritual Practice and the Movement of Energy

Class Five; The Self and the Body of Emotions


Exercises: Expressing emotion; observing held emotion; observing energetic traps.
Lecture: Emotions and the Body

Class Six: The Body Self in Couple’s Work


Exercises: Standing work; approach; resistance; support.
Lecture: Body Communications and the Intimacy Split

Class Seven: The Body Self in Couples Work


Exercises: Seeing trauma in the body; active relaxation; sensitization.
Lecture: Trauma and Working with Trauma through the Relationship

Class Eight: The Body Self and Observing Energy Blocks


Exercises: Seeing energy and absence of energy; touching the gaps.
Lecture: How to Observe Energy in the Body

Class Nine: Working with the Body Lying Down


Exercises: Seven ways to touch. (Also, how to not touch.)
Lecture: Appropriate Behavior and California Psychological Guidelines

Class Ten: Reflections on the Training, Review, and Observation