Clinical Simulation Center

The Clinical Simulation Center at Dominican serves as a technologically advanced interdisciplinary space located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students enrolled in the School of Natural Health and Sciences are offered multi-functional spaces in a state of the art learning environment in which to practice their developing professional skills.


Learning Labs

Clinical Simulation Dominican Students
Clinical Simulation Dominican Students
Clinical Simulation Dominican Students

Our physical facilities include large health care labs, simulated hospital rooms, medical exam rooms, and a behavioral health room. These labs are stocked with the supplies and equipment needed to guide students from the first day of classes to their last, with available tools ranging from the first injection to the complexities of Advanced Cardiac Life Support skills including cardiac defibrillation and intubation.

Our learning labs allow students to collaborate with their peers and faculty in order to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their prospective healthcare fields.


A Hands-on Approach

Clinical Simulation Dominican Students

Hands-on experience is available using our high fidelity manikins, standardized patients, task trainers, and simulation technology. We place our students in a variety of simulation based learning activities, applying a hands-on approach. Deliberate practice and frequent repetition prepare students to achieve the skills necessary to succeed.


State of the Art Technology

Clinical Simulation Dominican Students

Our advanced audio visual capabilities allow us to record students in real-time, promoting active reflection on their learning experiences and facilitating continuous improvement of clinical skills.


The Clinical Simulation Center provides a safe and comfortable learning environment. By practicing my skills in lab, I have become more confident in myself and in my ability to safely and effectively take care of my patients in the clinical setting.

-Mirabella Mercado, May'19


Visualization and Exploration

Clinical Simulation Dominican Students

The Anatomage Table, a unique virtual anatomical dissection table with exquisitely detailed 3-D views of the human body, is available to our students through a generous donor grant. With this tool, students virtually dissect the human form with ease using the table’s touch screen. Students use this advanced technology to manipulate precise 3-D images to explore the human body in exactly the way they need: from full body to anatomical system views, to minute anatomical details.


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