About the School of Health and Natural Sciences

Welcome to the School of Health and Natural Sciences (HNS) at Dominican. HNS is the largest school in the university and includes undergraduate and graduate studies in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Global Public Health, Health Science, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, and Physician Assistant Studies.

Our faculty and staff place academic quality and the mission of the university and school at the center of our endeavors and are dedicated to student success. Our faculty members come from the finest institutions, both nationally and internationally, and have superb reputations as teachers and scholars.

Our academic programs articulate a productive connection between intellect and vocation by combining a solid liberal arts foundation with in-depth scientific and professional studies. We offer our students a broad-range of engaged learning and research experiences as well as exciting and meaningful international learning opportunities.

Our graduates are ethical and socially responsible global citizens, who are equipped with intellectual capabilities, professional knowledge and practical skills and thrive in an ever-changing technological environment. We are proud and certain that our graduates will make significant contributions in the 21st century and to the forces of globalization. We welcome your inquiry and visit to our school. Please let us know if we can help you to plan your academic career.

Our Mission

The School of Health and Natural Sciences prepares students for careers in diverse fields, for personal growth in a challenging environment, and for life in an ever changing technologically advanced world. The school is committed to the cultivation of intellectual curiosity, individual integrity, mutual respect, and civic responsibility.

The school fulfills its mission by:

  • Offering high quality programs that prepare students for entrance into or enhancement of careers in the health and natural sciences
  • Maintaining standards for teaching and learning that support personal and intellectual growth
  • Engaging students in a culture of critical thinking and scholarly inquiry
  • Emphasizing the connections between scientific knowledge and professional practice and knowledge of the liberal arts.
  • Providing experiences that enhance multicultural understanding, global awareness, and environmental responsibility