Program Goals, Outcomes and PANCE Performance

Learn more about the Masters in Physician Studies Program goals, outcomes and PANCE performance.

Program Goals

  1. Annual PANCE pass rate at or above the national mean
  2. Student to faculty ratio at or lower than the PAEA national mean for private institutions 
  3. Academic student attrition rates <7% per academic year*
  4. Job placement for each cohort at 100% by six months after graduation

    *Student academic attrition rates represent the number of students dismissed and decelerated for a given class year divided by the entering-class size.

Program Success at Achieving its Goals for AY 2018-19; 2019-20

  1. PANCE pass rate is 96% for DUoC and the National Pass Rate is 93%.  We have achieved our goal for this first graduating class.
  2. The MSPAS Program has achieved this goal:
    • For the AY 2018-2019, the program’s Student to Faculty ratio was 9.0:1 [Report 33 - Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) ratio was 12.9:1]
    • For the AY 2019-2020, the program’s Student to Faculty ratio was 11.7:1 [Report 34 - Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) ratio was 12.8:1]
  3. The MSPAS program has achieved this goal of academic student attrition at 4% for AY 2017-18; and 2% for AY 2018-19, 0% for AY 2019-20.
  4. The program has not reached its goal of 100%.  At six months (July 2020), 87% have secured employment as a PA.

Program Outcomes

PANCE Performance

Read about graduate performance on certifying exams in the PANCE Performance Report.