Justin Read - Australia

Justin attended Charles Sturt University in Albury Wodonga, Australia in Fall 2014 where he studied Business Administration and Environmental Science.

Justin Charles SturtJustin had long dreamed of studying in Australia, and thanks to a travel stipend from the Barowsky School of Business, He was able to make that dream a reality. "I am so grateful to the donor of the business school stipend that goes towards study abroad travel costs. The stipend has been a huge help, and made it that much more likely that I would be able to study abroad. I have always wanted to study abroad and one of the more daunting hurdles to overcome is the airfare.


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After being accepted at Charles Sturt University, Justin chose classes that fit in with his Academic Plan back at Dominican. He was able to take several business classes that offered him a unique perspective, most significantly International Marketing and National Resource Management. Both of these courses approached the discipline differently from his classes back home.  "Environmentalism is very important to Australians," said Read, "in my class w analyzed the global impact of mine and others' local actions on the natural and human world. I was amazed at how the environment plays such a large role in their national dialog".


Justin also studied about social justice issues the indigenous peoples of Australia, the Aborigines. Through his exchange with the local students, he learned about different cultural perspectives and identities and how power structures and histories can affect those identities. There were differences between the cultures that Justin noticed right away: Australians had higher wages and seemed to have a better quality of life, his peers knew much more about current political issues, and college students enjoyed a healthy debate about those issues.


When he wasn't studying for classes, Justin made some great friends and had the chance to do some exploring down under as well. "It has been an unforgettable experience so far and I am looking forward to enjoying summer down here before returning. I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned upon my return to Dominican."

He had such a memorable time that he has planned a gap year for travel upon his graduation in May. (Justin is pictured here with his fiance who is from Australia).