Andy Acosta - Taiwan

Andy Acosta studied Humanities at Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan in Spring 2013. “The benefit of it is experiencing a new culture and putting your needs away and see the way other nationalities live. It broadens your horizon.”
Andy in Taiwan
Acosta’s challenge in Taiwan was an exercise in interpretation. He is a vegan, so communicating his requests in local food markets in Chinese was a daunting task at first. But Acosta’s persistence and his devotion to his Chinese language classes two hours each day eventually allowed him to get what he wanted to eat and left a smile on his face when he did.
It was a breakthrough for me being able to communicate,” Acosta said. “I didn’t realize how important it is to communicate or understand someone else.”

Acosta, a native of Nicaragua, had long sought a chance to study abroad. He was home schooled in high school living in San Francisco and was inspired by the Chinese population that surrounded him. He was anxious to learn their language and culture and was intrigued by Buddhism.

Dominican Study Abroad in Taiwan afforded him that opportunity.

“Although I’m a humanities and cultural studies major, being there made me realize there are things in a textbook I wouldn’t really learn,” said Acosta, a Humanities and Cultural Studies major. “I learned how it’s played out every day in their culture.” Acosta enjoyed traveling in the region. He flew to Japan and Thailand and bussed all across Taiwan. He was particularly moved by the natural, unspoiled beauty in the mountainous terrain in eastern Taiwan where most of its indigenous people live.

Acosta felt rewarded by his total Taiwan experience. He returned to Dominican prepared to recommend that any student partake in the study abroad program.

“Do it. Definitely do it,” Acosta said. “At first it might seem a little scary but, once you finish, you are going to very happy you did it.”