Annabelle Mcginnis - The Netherlands

An Art History and Psychology Major, Annabelle study at the University of Radboud in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

At eight years old, Annabelle began stowing away pocket change and allowance in what she then dubbed her “travel fund”.  Upon graduating high school in 2011, she was lucky enough to have earned and saved enough to participate with a group from her school on a program Greece, Italy, Turkey and Germany.  She soon began saving saving yet again for another journey.  This time, however, she wanted to fully immerse herself in a culture.  "Rather than tauntingly being tugged from one breath-taking sight to the next, I wished to become a part of a place unfamiliar to me."

Annabelle Nijimegen Group

Dutch art has always called to her and so Annabelle chose to study in The Netherlands.  She particularly looked forward to making her way to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.  Though she had seen Starry Night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, as well as assorted pieces of his in Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art and the Art Institute on Chicago, she hoped to see a real collaboration, and witness the art in its original surroundings. Academically, studying abroad helped to effectively integrate her previous research with what Annabelle learned on sight.  She wa able to truly develop as an artist and a musician while studying abroad in The Netherlands.

Annabelle was also impressed with her own growth in understanding cultural differences. "I truly lived an international group. In my building alone, there were students from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece, England, Canada, France, Estonia, Lithuania Turkey and there were more in and out at all times! When they were not in class or studying they cooked for each other, played music together, traveled, shared languages, did yoga and spoke about life, history and philosophy, The experience so moved her that after graduation Annabelle quickly departed on a new adventure and is still traveling abroad today.