Katarina Giudice - Italy

Katarina studied Business at the Universita Cattolica di Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. Italy is traditionally one of the most popular destinations for students from the United States.

"I loved my experience abroad! There are probably two specific events that stand out in my mind besides the amazing places I visited and of course the fantastic food in Italy."

The first experience that market Katarina's semester abroad was when she was able to meet the Rotary Club of Milano in the famous Camparino Café. She came as a representative of her father’s Rotary club here in California, and they held a ceremony to exchange flags. Katarina was honored to be entrusted with this event and I was impressed by how the Rotary organization is present worldwide!

The second experience had to do with her Global Finance course. It was by far the most difficult class she had ever taken. "I was completely out of my element, as the classes in Italy were taught very differently from Dominican. I discussed my worries with Giulia via email and we strategized a way for me to be successful." Katarina was proud of the fact that she managed to get help from the local professors, find some local students to help her study and ultimately get a good grade in the class. "That experience of persevering and succeeding is something I will carry forward to my future."