Do something BIG with your education 


The First Year Experience Big History at Dominican invites you on an immense journey through time, to witness the first moments of our universe, the birth of stars and planets, the formation of life on Earth, the dawn of human consciousness, and the ever-unfolding story of humans as Earth's dominant species.

Explore these videos to learn more about First Year Experience Big History and related content.

Engaged Learning

First Year Experience Big History has many active learning components, taking content that could seem abstract and making it tangible. We keep the factual information relevant and engaging.

Critical Thinking

Big History is living content. It develops all the time. Faculty get together every summer to develop the content, and we meet every week to discuss the course, content, new science, and new developments. We are living the concept of collective learning, one of the main ideas in Big History.

Faculty Collaboration

Our First Year Experience Big History courses are interactive and engaging. It is less about lecturing and more about empowering you to discuss, reflect, and shape your future.