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Welcome to the world's first Big History journal for faculty and student publications. Here you can explore cutting edge literature on research and pedagogy from Dominican's core Big History faculty as well as dynamic student work from our First Year Experience program.

Volume I – Academic Year 2012-2013

Faculty Publication

thresholds-sm3d.jpgThresholds – Volume I
Faculty Publication (pdf)

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  • The Case for Awe in Teaching Big History (pdf)
    Neal Wolfe
  • Making the Universe Personal: A Call for Reflective Writing in the Big History Classroom (pdf)
    Jaime Castner
  • Complexity and the Origin and Evolution of Life: Teaching "Threshold Five" (pdf)
    James Cunningham
  • Kings Play Chess on Fine Grain Sand: Teaching "Threshold Six" to the First Year College Student (pdf)
    Cynthia Taylor
  • Agrarian Age: Teaching "Threshold Seven" (pdf)
    Martin Anderson
  • Sin Boldly! or, First Year Experience "Big History" in 21st Century Liberal Education (pdf)
    Mojgan Behmand
  • A Single Planetary Heritage? Homo Religiosus in Big History (pdf)
    Philip Novak
  • Big History: The Modern Creation Myth and Its Contribution to Global Ethics (pdf)
    Lindsey Dean
  • On Power: George Lucas, Jerry Garcia, and Barack Obama's Big Black Helicopters (pdf)
    Richard B. Simon
  • Constructing a Survey Big History Course (pdf)
    Cynthia Stokes Brown

Student Publication

thresholds-sm3d.jpgThresholds – Volume I
Student Publication (pdf)

Or download individual articles from this publication...

  • Literature: Words Across the Universe (pdf)
    Jessica Oseguera
  • Green Tea: More than Just a Drink (pdf)
    Emily Vassallo
  • A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (pdf)
    Emily Beach
  • The Little Big History of Cars (pdf)
    Sharmaine Bautista
  • Little Big History: Tracing Body Art Back to the Very Beginning of Time (pdf)
    Brittany Mitzner
  • Yogurt’s Journey from the Big Bang to the Present (pdf)
    Anjelica Fajardo
  • What Is Salty Is Also Sweet (pdf)
    Charbel Rohayem
  • Flip Flops: A Walk through Time (pdf)
    Avery Wilson
  • Little Big History of the iPhone (pdf)
    Francis Sunga
  • South Korea’s Place in Big History (pdf)
    Shana Leadbeater
  • Ecosystem’s Change After the Gold Rush (pdf)
    Mindy Chen
  • Food or Poison: A Decline in our Food Standards (pdf)
    Stephanie Fonseca
  • Reaching Towards the Heavens (pdf)
    Rabea McCullough
  • Writing Through the Thresholds (pdf)
    Avery Wilson