The key to BIG learning is BIG questions


Program Slideshow 1

The Big History textbook co-authored by Dominican's resident Big Historian, Cynthia Brown

Program Slideshow 2

Philip Novak who proposed that Big History be adopted for first-year students at Dominican

Program Slideshow 3

Dominican students link arms on the lawn and practice accreting as stars do

Program Slideshow 4

Dr. Fred Spier of University of Amsterdam giving a lecture at Dominican

Program Slideshow 5

The cover of Fred Spier's latest book

Program Slideshow 6

Dominican faculty from a variety of disciplines collaborate and present at the IBHA Conference

Program Slideshow 7

Director of First Year Experience Big History at Dominican, Dan May

Program Slideshow 8

Dominican faculty Cynthia Taylor and Jim Cunningham present on Big History at the California World History Association

Program Slideshow 9

Dominican's resident Big Historian, Cynthia Brown

What Is First Year Experience Big History?

Big History is taught at universities around the world, but at Dominican, we pioneered its use in themed courses. Our First Year Experience is a unique expansion of the original Big History course where we become observers of our early solar system, researchers of evolutionary theory, analysts of fossil evidence from the past, examiners of societal structures, and agents for the health of our planet. Whatever a student’s major, our version of Big History enhances in-depth learning and offers a universal context.


What Is Big History?

Big History is a universal narrative that examines the timeline of our universe on the largest possible scale, drawing on astronomy, anthropology, biology, ecology, geology, literature, economics, political science, and sociology to understanding our collective past and possible futures. Big History begins with the Big Bang, follows the creation of stars and planets and the emergence of life on Earth, and extends to human beings and societies that have existed up to the present.


What Are Our Program Goals?

The immense 14-billion-year framework of this program emphasizes global interconnectivity and fosters your critical and creative thinking, recognition of the personal and communal implications of the Big History story, and the ability to evaluate and articulate understanding of your place in the unfolding universe