Thomas Burke

"Big History has become a scaffold for our students' undergraduate experience. Teaching students in their first year and later in literature courses, cultural studies courses, and culminating thesis, I observe students using the Big History framework in making connections across ideas and disciplines. A third-year student contextualizes a work of literature using concepts learned in first-year Big History. Cultural Studies culminating theses are informed by ideas emanating from cosmology and biology, disciplines explored during the First Year Experience. The utility of Big History for students goes well beyond the first year."

Tom Burke - cropProfessor Burke has taught in the Humanities and Cultural Studies and the Literature and Languages departments at Dominican since 1999. He earned his BA at Tulane University, MA at Université de Paris, and MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco. Professor Burke has presented on Big History at numerous national and international conferences, including the American Association of Colleges and Universities, the Annual Conference on the First Year Experience and the International Big History Association. Also an accomplished short fiction author and poet, his work has appeared in the literary magazines and the anthologies. He is the author of the collection Where Is Home. He is co-editor of Teaching Big History (2014).