Marianne Rogoff

“The Big History narrative includes as much knowledge about what is not known as about what is. This fact is the guiding concept behind my course, Big Literature through the Lens of Big History. Where science leaves off, literature steps in to keep posing questions, along with its cousins, philosophy, religion, psychology, and the arts, which rely on realms of imagination and faith as much as on logic and proof to move toward answers.”

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Literature and Languages Professor Marianne Rogoff brings a transdisciplinary perspective to teaching Big History, inspired by more than 20 years of teaching writing to art and design technology students at California College of the Arts. She holds a PhD in Transformative Inquiry from the California Institute of Integral Studies and an MA in English-Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She is the author of the memoir Silvie's Life, the short story collection When Your Heart Cracks Open, Keep Traveling, award-winning travel stories for The Best Travel Writing and The Best Women's Travel Writing, and many feature essays and book reviews for The RumpusSan Francisco Chronicle, and Bloomsbury Review. Read some of her work at