Kiowa Bower

"My experience of Big History has been truly inspiring, as I’ve always had a deep curiosity about the universe and have sought a comprehensive understanding of the world around me. Big History provides a framework that unifies diverse disciplines into one narrative, full of meaning and grounded in evidence. Its themes of emergence and complexity point to the significance of human cultural evolution and the responsibility we hold as our power and influence on the planet continue to grow. Humanity faces many challenges in the near future; however, there is a real opportunity for our species to both prosper and be in harmony with the biosphere. I believe that human consciousness, combined with our capacity for collective learning, gives us the ability to effectively address the issues confronting us."

Kiowa Bower - cropDr. Bower holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics from the California Institute of Technology. He joined the Department of Natural Sciences in 2009 and teaches courses in cell biology, genetics, and biochemistry. His research interest and experience encompass the interface between biochemistry and neuroscience, with an emphasis on the structure and function of neuroreceptors. His current research examines expression of receptors in stem cells as they differentiate into neurons and the role that these receptors play in the differentiation process.