Julianne Maurseth

"When we examine global trade through the lens of Big History, our human nature is revealed in striking ways. Complex issues we face today on a global scale are often rooted in business assumptions, laws, and practices of prior centuries. Big History enables a perspective to sort unexamined and potentially harmful business assumptions from characteristics that made trade an ancient human phenomenon promoting cross-cultural learning across vast regions – as it does today. Seeing our present world through new eyes is a powerful benefit of Big History. It can lead to the kinds of breakthroughs many businesses crave and to sustainable business designs our world needs."

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Julianne E. Maurseth holds an MA in Human Development and MS and PhD in Organizational Psychology. She is a consultant, facilitator, and educator with more than 20 years of experience consulting to corporations and non-profits across multiple industries, including direct management oversight within manufacturing, distribution, and service organizations. Her areas of expertise include leadership and team development, group process facilitation,conflict resolution, organization-wide systems change, and new systems implementation. She is a coach to C-suite executives and managers, using transformative methods to address their key challenges. In 1996, she established her consulting practice, Awake at Work, and has concurrently taught MBA students at several universities since 1995. Julianne is a board member of SAGE (Solano Advocates Green Environments), and has served extensively on other community boards to promote health education, environmental preservation, and civic participation. She is also a published author and public speaker.