James Cunningham

"The teaching of Big History has been very rewarding to me personally. Because Big History is interdisciplinary, it requires from those of us who teach it to explore topics outside our areas of expertise. For example, I’m a biologist and have learned to teach history and writing. This has been both challenging and exciting for me. Much of the excitement I have felt comes from the in-depth collaboration I have had with my History and English colleagues who have helped me learn how to teach those subjects. Through the Big History, course we model for our students two important skills: lifelong learning as well as collaboration."

Jim Cunningham - cropOrnithologist, biologist, ecologist, and zoologist, Dr. Cunningham holds a PhD in zoology from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has performed extensive research on native birds of New Zealand and authored numerous publications on the subject. Since 1991, Dr. Cunningham has taught courses on human anatomy and physiology, marine biology, natural history of California, freshwater and terrestrial ecology, environmental ecology, animal behavior, and genetics at Dominican. An asset to the program, Dr. Cunningham offers his expertise in evolutionary biology, ecology, and environmental science to our sweeping study of the universe story.