Harlan Stelmach

"Big History forces me to struggle with all the goals of liberal education: bodies of knowledge; formation; responsibility; and community. I am humbled by the scope of the material, the challenge to my identity, the overwhelming sense of responsibility for our planet, and the wonder of my interdependence with all of life. Therefore, I am a co-learner with my students, not an expert. I join them in the journey to seek meaning in the story of the universe."

Harlan Stelmach - cropDr. Stelmach earned his MTS from the Divinity School at Harvard University and his PhD from the Graduate Theological Union and San Francisco Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California. He is the former chair of the Dominican Humanities Department and teaches courses in ethics, philosophy, theology, and social theory, with a particular interest in the intersections between Big History and faith. He created the Religion through the Lens of Big History course, an in-depth study of how humans have responded through time to the challenges of defining their place in the universe.