Debbie Daunt

"What a rare privilege it is to guide and encourage students to explore the basic questions of the universe. As a practicing nurse, I am often confronted with the questions of ethics, morality, morbidity and mortality. Now, as part of the Big History faculty, I get to explore these questions in a cosmic arena. I look forward to changing lives, not only at bedside, but by expanding minds of first-year students through Big History."

Debbie Daunt - cropProfessor Debbie Daunt holds a BA in Cell and Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University, and she earned her BS in Nursing and MS in Nursing as a Nurse Educator at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Ms. Daunt's teaching career began in 2002 at Central Methodist University in Missouri; she returned to California to join the Dominican faculty in 2004, where she has been responsible for the didactic and clinical aspects of the beginning medial surgical nursing course. Professor Daunt is currently focusing her teaching on beginning med/surg students in the clinical environment and expanding her role by teaching both first- and second-semester Big History courses.