Cynthia Taylor

"I find teaching Big History liberating! Traditional history courses never teach or speculate about the future—only about the past. That is what I was always taught to do as an American History teacher; but teaching Big History encourages me to teach history on such large scales of time and space that my students and I are encouraged to ponder the near, distant, and remote futures and the important role we play now in caring for this wonderful planet Earth—a very special place in our universe. The more I know about the universe, the more liberated I become."

Cynthia Taylor - cropAmerican historian Cynthia Taylor earned her PhD at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, with a dissertation on civil rights activist A. Philip Randolph. She has been teaching in the Big History program at Dominican since it launched in 2010. With specific interest in topics ranging from liberation theologies and American religious history to Native American spirituality and feminist theory, Dr. Taylor applies her strong background in human history to our sweeping study of the universe.