Craig Singleton

"Big History... from the very beginning until now... in two semesters. Quite an undertaking don't you think? My part is viewing (and listening and experiencing) with you the music of Big History... also quite an undertaking. But we will give our best effort to dealing with the science, the beginnings, the development, and the meaning of music in the context of Big History. The Big History program at Dominican is stimulating, thought-provoking, and challenging. The journey we will take together is good and necessary, and it will influence us long beyond our experiences in our study together. Can't wait."

Craig Singleton - cropDr. Singleton earned his DMA in Musical Arts from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and completed post-doctoral work at Holy Names College in Oakland, California. In addition to directing a cappella and jazz ensemble groups, Dr. Singleton has taught studio voice, conducting, music theory, and music technology, and many other courses at Dominican since 1997. He is former chair of the Department of Music and Performing Arts and director of the Graduate Humanities Program. Dr. Singleton has extensive experience directing church choirs and conducting classical orchestras. Dr. Singleton teaches both Big History and Music through the Lens of Big History.