IBHA Conference

The International Big History Association (IBHA) promotes and supports the academic field of Big History by means of teaching and research and by sponsoring activities related to them. As part of that endeavor, the IBHA organizes biannual Big History conferences. Its inaugural conference in 2012 was held at Grand Valley State University, its 2014 conference held at Dominican, and its 2016 conference at University of Amsterdam.

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Pic 1: IBHA Conference

IBHA 2014 Closing Reception on the Dominican Campus

Pic 2: IBHA Conference

Members of the IBHA Board - Alvarez, Spier, Christian, Brown, Voros, and Rodrigue - at a panel about the future of Big History

Pic 3: IBHA Conference

Dominican faculty Bower and Behmand enjoy a chat with Walter Alvarez and his spouse

Pic 4: IBHA Conference

Renowned cosmologist Brian Swimme giving a presentation on the Dominican campus

Pic 5: IBHA Conference

The two co-authors of Big History, the textbook, Benjamin Craig and David Christian, enjoy a chat at IBHA 2014

Pic 6: IBHA Conference

The new IBHA Board is introduced in Guzman Lecture Hall - the room was formerly a library and featured in the first Indiana Jones movie

Pic 7: IBHA Conference

Dominican faculty May, Bower, Taylor, and Simon raise a glass with David Christian, the founder of modern Big History

Pic 8: IBHA Conference

Dominican's resident Big Historian, Cynthia Brown, on a panel with Mojgan Behmand and David Christian

Pic 9: IBHA Conference

Dominican's Director of First Year Experience Big History, Dan May, with David Christian, the founder of modern Big History

Pic 10: IBHA Conference

Teaching Big History author and co-author and co-editor Richard Simon gives a compelling teaching demonstration at IBHA 2014

Pic 11NEW: IBHA Conference

Walter Alvarez, the scientist widely known for developing, in collaboration with his father, Nobel laureate Luis Alvarez - the theory that an asteroid impact led to the extinction of the dinosaurs