EDJE Student Fellows

Students work to create cultural action for justice, peace, and environmental sustainability while earning scholarships and paid work-study opportunities through the EDJE Student Fellow program. 

Becoming an Education Dedicated to Justice and Equity (EDJE) Student Fellow is an excellent opportunity to further your academic, professional and civic development. Through the program, you will develop the essential knowledge and skills to become an active professional in your community, as well as the confidence and commitment to make a difference.

Dominican students with service-learning experience, proven leadership ability, work history with specific organizations and who have declared a Community Action and Social Change minor, can earn scholarships and paid work-study opportunities through the EDJE Student Fellow Program. 

Service learning has changed my perspective in that it makes me approach my experiences at Dominican and in the Marin community with intentionality and openness, and as such, has also made me view my career as an occupational therapist in much the same way: with an understanding that every interaction can have a significant impact and every experience can be an opportunity.”
— Sophie Miller, OT Major

  • Earn scholarships and community-engaged work-study 
  • Gain and practice leadership and organizational skills
  • Obtain experience to put on a resume
  • Network with students, faculty and community agencies
  • Qualify for external service learning/community engagement awards/grants/internships
  • Develop skill sets necessary to support collaborative projects in and with diverse individuals and groups
  • Recognize community assets and challenges both within Marin County and other communities

Mia Nguyen
EDJE Fellow for SL Program
CASC Minor

Karla Hernandez Navarro
EDJE Fellow for Canal Alliance
CASC Minor

Julia Miller
EDJE Fellow for SL Program 
CASC Minor

Fernando Flores Rugerio
EDJE Fellow for RotaCare
CASC Minor

Analise Mendez
EDJE Fellow for SL Program 
CASC Minor

casc students in front of guzman hall

The CASC Minor

The Community Action and Social Change minor complements every major, providing you with a path towards deeper and more meaningful engagement in the community.

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student painting outdoor art installation

EDJE Fellows Abroad

EDJE Fellows and alumni are actively working to make the world better for all.

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For information about how to apply to the program, or for any questions, please contact: