Community Partners

Community partner organizations provide Dominican students with vital opportunities to work closely with community members, and experience their programs and services, first hand. 

Community Engagement

Community partnerships are the foundation of all Service-Learning programs. In these reciprocal partnerships, our students support the operations of partner programs while practicing cultural humility and gaining new perspectives. Our community partners give their time and resources because they believe in the learning experience involved.

Community Partners

Want to know more about our local community? Interested in which partners you might be working with?

Community-Based Projects

Gain knowledge from both academic and community experts through community-based projects which are embedded in all Service-Learning courses. 

S-L students provide crucial one-on-one academic and literacy support to our students after school and serve as direct positive role models of what it means to go to college."

— Carlos Garcia, Senior Program Director, Catholic Charities Canal Family Support

Each S-L student who has served in our Adapted PE program, has not only improved our small staff’s ability to assist our students but has brought her/his own personal skills, personalities, energy and insights to our students that allow them to establish new connections, subsequently, enhancing our quality of care and student support.” — Diana Scranton, Adapted Physical Education Instructor, College of Marin

Are Service-Learning students a good fit for your organization?

You are a community-based organization looking for: 

  • Inquisitive minds that are open to learning more about the social or environmental issues your program is trying to address 
  • People who can provide consistent (weekly) accompaniment for the span of a semester 
  • Engaged, energetic participants to interact, socialize, and build relationships with community members 
  • Assistance for programs with supervision of regular staff 

However, Service-Learning students are not a good match if you are looking for: 

  • Self-supervised interns or substitutes for regular staff
  • Office or secretarial help with little face-to-face interaction with the community
  • Researchers to conduct community-based projects
  • Skilled professionals to provide training or services
  • Individuals with flexible hours or more than two-three hours per week 

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