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Students in Colloquium courses produce creative works in a variety of media. Browse this page to learn more.

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Bahia Visit

Bahia Vista 2012

Dominican's 'Environmental Advocacy through Art' students and Bahia Vista Elementary students team up on a variety of projects reflecting their connections to the natural world.

Look Up

Look Up!

"Beauty in the Struggle" students team up with Marin County Community School students to create portrait prints of individuals who inspire them.

Speak Up

Speak Up!

"Beauty in the Struggle" students work with Marin County Community School students to craft silkscreened t-shirts with visual/verbal statements bringing awareness to root causes of social and educational inequities.

Wake Up

Wake Up!

"Beauty in the Struggle" students design self-portrait photo collages that visually represent themselves, the people, places, and events that inspire them, as well as some of the challenges they hope to overcome.

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In "Maidens, Matrons, and Muses," Jose Sandoval-Gutierrez studies Greek mythology and writes from the perspective of Medusa, the infamous female monster whose hair of snakes and hideous stare turns every onlooker into stone.

This wasn't always me

This wasn't always me
the monster you see
before your eyes, eyes that can dare,
eyes that can bear to see.

This wasn't always me
the monster you see.
You see,
I was once pretty
the fairest in the lands,
so I would proclaim,
and I'd proclaim even more,
even to the beauty herself,
the goddess Athena.

This wasn't always me
the monster you see
but I made a mistake
I angered her, I did
so she held her grudge, she did
and so when her brother had his way with me
as he did
in her temple untainted
she took it as a final insult:
it was something she hated.

This wasn't always me
the monster you see
it's who she wanted me to be
the monster you see.

This wasn't always me
the monster you see
but the monster you see
I came to be
And those who turn to me
I turn to stone
Cursing me to be
All alone.

In "Maidens, Matrons, and Muses," Jake Carson and Andrei Paras write from the perspective of a Spartan woman, who enjoys greater freedom than her Athenian counterparts during this time of prolonged war but still suffers in an unhappy marriage.

Being a Spartan Woman Is Easy

It's easy being a Spartan woman
Breed and breed and breed till the end
My children I love, don't get me wrong
But the root to this evil, is my husband in this song
Forced into a marriage, to man that I despise
Spartan women's rights, are like sight with no eyes
Sparta took my first born, the one that I love
They will make him into his father, stealing innocence from my dove
I'm lucky to have two more, and one on the way
But luck is no help, so long as I am his slave
This bump makes me miss him, my son that is
Few precious months with my baby, forever with me he lives
I'm the owner of the land, while he is not here
Why should I give a care, for his pig and his steer
He served with my father, for Sparta our mother
He was the best soldier, and fought like no other
Loved by my father, and that is all
I'll love him never, not ever at all
A daughter is what I want, but that would just hurt them
For her to grow up, with him as her burden
She would be just like me, strong smart and poised
She would beat all the girls, and some of the boys
I would love to give birth, to one that's like me
But she'd be cursed forever, a fruit on his tree
A man she would marry, one she probably won't know
And the struggles I go through, won't allow her to grow
Our men are our backbone, or so they think
If so I am spineless, and to that I must drink
Celebrate with myself, 'cause that's all that I'll have
My heart is my children, but it's cut in half
One half of me, and the other of that man
The one that is spineless, with no feet to stand
This easy life's hard, like pulling a root from a tree
You see being a Spartan woman is easy, but it's not for me