Active Learning

Our Colloquium Program delivers content using additional high-impact practices while still fostering the development of writing and research skills.

You have the dots. Now connect them.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has recognized several specific teaching and learning strategies as high-impact practices. These educational approaches are active and experiential (see our Experiential Learning page) and have been successful in supporting in-depth learning at the college level. Some of these key high-impact practices shape our Big History program—a first-year experience that is a common intellectual experience and writing intensive. Enroll in a colloquium to become part of a learning community and engage in collaborative assignments or projects.


The Colloquium class was really great. Being able to learn about the history and art of Mt. Tam not just from lectures and books but from field trips to the mountain itself and museums was exciting and made the class more memorable.                        – Lurdes O. Why learn passively when you can learn actively? Our faculty is dedicated and specially trained to deliver content and conduct inquiry in a manner that awakens your curiosity and nurtures your creativity. In the colloquium, participate in active learning approaches such as field trips, group projects, discussions, expert guest lectures, student-led seminars, problem-based learning, and much more.