Students may enter the institution as an Undeclared Major or may choose to change their major to Undeclared while exploring other program options.

Being an Undeclared, exploring student, opens the door to many opportunities and can lead to a new level of personal growth. Some students report they are committed to a certain degree program because of the strong encouragement from their families. It is important as you enter your college career, that you are choosing a path right for you. There are many things to consider such as your personal interest, values, beliefs, and overall passion. There are many academic and personal life experiences which will weigh in on your decision. 

Meghan Nelson came to Dominican as an Undeclared student and is now a thriving declared student.

When I freed myself from other people's desires for my future that is when my heart and mind were allowed to discover what I was truly passionate about.– Meghan Nelson, Class of 2015

Business and Political Science with a concentration in Finance and International Political Economy

Undeclared Exploration:


Undeclared Academic Advisors:

Christina Mayes
Christina Mayes- First-Year students at point of Admission bringing in 15-units or less

Lisa Haydon, Adult Degree Completion Advisor
Lisa Haydon - Transfer students matriculating with 16-units or more