Tutoring Services

How do I sign up for tutoring?


Academic Advising

To sign up for a tutor, go to the TUTOR REQUEST FORM to submit an electronic tutor request. Then you will be notified by email with the name and contact information of a tutor for you to contact. You and the tutor will choose a time to meet that is convenient for you both. You are encouraged to meet in the TUTORING AND LEARNING CENTER (the TLC, in Bertrand 110), where you can access computers and other helpful resources.


In which subjects is tutoring available?

We make every effort to provide tutoring in as many subjects as possible, such as algebra, anatomy and physiology, biology, calculus, chemistry, economics, nursing, Spanish, statistics, and writing. However, we cannot guarantee that tutoring will be available in any particular subject other than writing and math.

Who are the tutors?

Tutors are primarily students who have been referred to our center by faculty members. They have strong academic records and have demonstrated the skills to provide support and encouragement to students. A number of our tutors are professionals, hired on a part-time basis to assist students in several different subjects.

How many hours of tutoring can I expect to receive?

In general, you are allowed one hour of tutoring a week per subject, as available. If you feel that you need additional tutoring hours, speak with your tutor, who may be able to arrange extra hours on a case-by-case basis. Drop-in tutoring is also available. 

SPRING 2020: Drop-In Tutoring Schedule





Writing Help, including APA/MLA Citation Styles and Essay Formatting

(Starts January 27th)






In the TLC, Bertrand 110






In the TLC, Bertrand 110






In the TLC, Bertrand 110




In the TLC, Bertrand 110








Math and Science Help

(Starts January 27th)

Monday and Wednesday

All Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, and Stats

Biology, Chem (1500 - 4700), and Physics








Science Center, Rm 102

Anatomy and Physiology Help

(Starts January 27th)


Monday and Wednesday

7:00-9:00pm Science Center, Rm 103

Where do I go for tutoring?

Tutoring Services is located in the Tutoring and Learning Center (the TLC) on the ground floor of Bertrand Hall, Room 110. There are no set hours for tutoring: it is available by appointment. In addition drop-in tutoring for math, science, and writing is available during the regular academic year. 

What are the ground rules of tutoring?

When you request a tutor, please carefully read the Tutoring Contract before your first tutoring session. Then you and your tutor will both sign the contract and turn it in at the TLC. (Hard copies of the Tutoring Contract are also available in the Learning Center.)

Will tutors proofread my papers?

Working with a tutor regularly will help you with grammar, sentence structure, or formulating ideas, but we do not provide proofreading or editing services on campus. However, we have excellent handouts on proofreading strategies to help you improve your skills.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

To cancel an appointment, please contact your tutor directly.

Can I receive tutoring if I am not a Dominican student?

In general, our tutors work only with currently enrolled Dominican students. However, we may be able to refer you to a private tutor. For more information, call (415) 257-0153.

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 What do Dominican students like about tutoring services?


  • "I like how my tutor really took time to explain the material and how he would keep going over it until we got it."
  • "The tutors have a great knowledge of the subject matter and it's really effective in helping me learn better. It's like learning the material all over again, but taught better because it's a smaller group."
  • "I like that the tutors are very patient and kind and very helpful. My tutor didn't just give me the answer, she made me think about the answer for a while and I would eventually figure out the answer myself."
  • "I understand a little coming into tutoring but when I leave, I really feel I have grasped the concept."
  • "I like the great disposition of the tutors."
  • "I enjoy my tutor. She is very helpful and encouraging. She makes me feel like I can get through the class."
  • "It's easy to sign up. It's great that we are assigned to a tutor in a quick manner!"
  • "My tutor's hours are flexible. He is able to work around my schedule (which is always changing)."