Aleks Math Placement

Check the Mathematics Placement Table below to determine which course you placed into, based on your ALEKS Math Placement Test score.

Now that you have completed your first assessment, contact Kristen Coleman to determine if an additional assessment is recommended. You are allowed a total of 5 assessments. Your highest score will be used for placement. Before the next assessment, you must complete at least 3 hours of study/review using the ALEKS Learning Module.


Range (%)       Course Placement  

MATH 1210: Elementary & Intermediate Algebra


MATH 1400: College Algebra for Biology and Chemistry majors

PSY 3187: Statistics for Health/Behavioral Sciences for Global Public Health,  Health Science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, & Psychology majors

BUS 3023: Business Stats and Data Analytics for Business majors

MATH 1450: Mathematical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning for all other majors


MATH 1500: Precalculus


MATH 1600: Calculus 1


After Taking the initial Math Placement Assessment, you have the opportunity to use a Learning Module within ALEKS to refresh your knowledge of the mathematical topics unique to your MyPie results. ALEKS tells you which mathematical topics you know, and which ones you're ready to learn.

Using a Learning module in ALEKS:

  • Will help you further prepare for your Mathematics courses, increasing your likelihood of success.
  • May help you place into your preferred Mathematics course, saving both time and money.
  • Is required before retaking the Math Placement Assessment.
  • Has been shown to significantly improve both student success and course performance.

Meeting the cutoff score for your preferred course is a great start, but does not guarantee success. It's highly recommended that you spend time in a Learning Module to increase your preparation for your math course.

Once you begin a Learning Module, you will have access for 6 months. As you answer questions, you'll see your MyPie fill up, and ALEKS may reassess you from time to time to ensure you have retained the topic information, but this does not count as one of your re-tests.


Retaking the Math Placement Assessment

  • Before retaking the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment, you must spend at least 3 hours in your Learning Module, but the more time spent, the higher the likelihood of course placement and course success.
  • The next assessment will become available 48 hours after your previous test attempt.
  • The assessment can be retaken a maximum of four times
  • Prior to the start of classes, ALEKS does not require a proctor and may be taken at home. Once classes have started your Assessments must be proctored. Please contact Kristen Coleman at [email protected] to schedule an appointment


If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Coleman, Coordinator of Learning Services, at [email protected]