Peer Mentor Program

Our Peer Mentor Program fosters student development through peer-to-peer student support. Every fall term, incoming full time first-year and transfer undergraduate day students are connected to trained Peer Mentors who are recruited and trained every spring term.
Peer Mentor Training Spring 2016

Looking to become a Peer Mentor for Fall 2020? Enroll in EDUC 3002 this Spring 2019!

EDUC 3002 (1.0 unit) is a student mentor training program offered every spring term.


Course Description

This elective course examines the fundamentals of effective mentoring including: college student development theory and practice, learning styles, study and life skills, trust and confidentiality, ethics, and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication techniques.

Participation in this course include practical homework assignments and often, priority when applying for peer mentoring and/or advising positions for first-year students. Note: This course does not satisfy General Education or Major Requirements.


Student Learning Outcomes - The primary goal of EDUC 3002 is to provide students with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to be effective college level peer mentors. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • effectively mentor diverse student populations with respect and cultural sensitivity;
  • coach others in effective study and personal management skills;
  • assist students in using and navigating campus resources and expectations 
  • facilitate an increased understanding of and hands-on experience with Chickering’s 7 vectors and other theories of student development (Perry, Kolb) 
  • apply appropriate interpersonal and intercultural communications techniques to the task of peer mentoring; apply basic ethical principles to the task of peer mentoring (confidentiality, boundaries).


Institutional Learning Outcomes:

  • practice of civic skills and social responsibility 
  • development of intellectual, professional, and artistic skills 
  • cultivation of well being 
  • exploration and acquisition of knowledge


Peer Mentor Testimonials:

  • "​The course helped me become more aware of how I can be a leader and a mentor to the people I know today." 
    "I enjoyed connecting with classmates to grasp a sense of what it’s like to mentor others, and also developed conversational and life skills."
    "I enjoyed the guest speakers who reinforced the ideas about mentoring others. We participated in collaborative activities that are applicable to our own lives and how we communicate with others."
    "I thought all our discussions were meaningful and self-reflective."
    "I liked how we bonded as students and teachers, it wasn’t a typical class setting."
    "This class goes beyond mentoring to how we can conduct ourselves in different settings. My professors showed me that life is not stagnant in only following one path, we make choices that make us better people."
    "I loved how we were all able to participate in the class and contribute what we had to offer."
    "I really loved the balance of lecture and student hands-on participation. I feel like all the mentor training material was able to resonate with everyone since it was presented to target all learning styles. Along with that, all the open and peer discussion plus actually doing mini peer mentoring role playing was very helpful."
    "I felt that this course properly prepared me for becoming a mentor."
    "Overall, very rich in content for future peer mentors or anyone who wants to enhance how they encounter diversity and how they interact with others."