Meet our Integrative Coaches

Integrative coaching ensures you will have equitable access to personal and academic success by empowering you through the development of trust, mentorship and learning.

Our Integrative Coaches are here to support you with developing your academic and life skills by identifying your individual values and goals, and reinforcing connections with other mentors throughout your college experience.

Molly Rogers headshot

Molly Rogers, MFA, Integrative Coach, Instructor, Alonzo King LINES Ballet BFA Program
P: 415.823.1914
[email protected]

Integrated Coach

Christina Mayes, Integrative Coach, and First Year Advisor
P: 415.458.3781
[email protected]

Bettina Lee

Bettina Lee, Integrative Coach, Director of Accessibility and Disability Services
P: 415.257.1388
[email protected]

Integrative Coach

Jennifer Labovich, Integrative Coach Coordinator, Integrative Coach
P: 415.458.3760
[email protected]

Jennifer Labovich

Whitney Hoyt, Integrative Coach, Supervisor, Education
[email protected]

Stacy Davidson

Stacy Davidson, Integrative Coach, Director of Career Development
P: 415.485-3235
[email protected]

Andrea Coughlan

Andrea Coughlan, Integrative Coach, Student Services Administrator
P: 415.482.2408
[email protected]

Integrative Coach

Giulia Welch, Integrative Coach, Assistant Director of Global Learning 
P: 415.482.1905
[email protected]

Integrative Coach

Mark Jaimie, Integrative Coach, Associate Director of Alumni Relations 
P: 415.485.3240
[email protected]

Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis, Integrative Coach, English Instructor and Student Community Engagement Specialist
P: 415.482.1846 
[email protected]

Integrative Coach

Courtney Budesa, Integrative Coach, Director of Internships and Professional Development 
P: 415.485.3226
[email protected]

Integrative Coach

Mojgan Behmand, Integrative Coach, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of General Studies 
P: 415.485.3276
[email protected]

Naomi Elvove

Naomi Elvove, Integrative Coach, Liberal Studies
P: 415.257.1380
F: 415.257.0177
[email protected]

Student Testimonials

“I had support from my Integrative [Coach] throughout challenging times and when I needed advice.”

“[The Integrative Coach] served as a counselor and mentor to me which helped [me] have a successful academic year.”

“One on one meetings [with my Integrative Coach] where I felt safe and comfortable to talk about issues going on really helped me feel supported and successful in my first year.”

“Getting to just express [to the Integrative Coach] what was going on in our lives was very helpful.”

“I joined the program late, but I still felt that my Integrative [Coach]…tried…to get to know me and [understand] what I want to do in [my] life. I think this is a really good program.”