Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is a Digital Portfolio?

It is an electronic portfolio of work. Over time, you will reflect on your learning (that takes place in and out of classroom) as well as collect evidence to demonstrate this learning. The Digital Portfolio is more than a personal website. It is a tool to facilitate personal, academic, and professional growth. 


What is the purpose of a Digital Portfolio?

The purpose of your Digital Portfolio is to support you in reflecting on the connections between your personal, intellectual, and professional development as well as on other meaningful experiences you will encounter during your college years.
As an example, when undergoing critical analysis for a research project in your junior year, you may experience "a-ha" moments r which seem to directly relate to a service learning class  you participated in as a first-year student. The Digital Portfolio will help you to identify, examine, and reflect upon moments like this. 


Why would I need a Digital Portfolio?

Personal Growth, Self-Awareness, and Skill Development:
  • A Digital Portfolio supports your personal growth and development as a student by providing a platform to hold your total college experience. When reflecting on your educational experiences, overtime, you will not only build a creative portfolio of your reflective experience, but you will also be able to build greater connections and understanding to the breadth and depth of your learning. The Digital Portfolio process of creation supports you from transitioning into college as a college student to transitioning out of college as a rising professional. 
  • If you have college experience from a number of institutions or are taking a leave of absence creating a delay to graduation, your Digital Portfolio allows a creative space to share your personal narrative. Speaking towards a personal challenge and how you overcame or coped with this challenge, speaks well beyond a traditional transcript.
 Professional Development and Skill Awareness: 
  • Presenting a coherent portfolio of thoughtful reflection, retained knowledge, developed skills, and student works, will speak well beyond a resume/curriculum vitae. A Digital Portfolio link embedded on the application process for employment, graduate school, or other professional opportunity, can support your post-graduate experience.
  • The American Association of Colleges and Universities recent article, It Takes More than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success states that “more than 4 in 5 employers say an electronic portfolio would be useful to them in ensuring that job applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company or organization.” (Source: It Takes More than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success. 2013. Washington, DC: Association of American Colleges and Universities and Hart Research Associates.)


Can students just use a LinkedIn account? I am not clear why we need a Digital Portfolio.

"LinkedIn is not a learning tool. It is a static presentation of self that reflect where a student has ended up. That's fine, but it doesn't help students understand the process of their learning. It doesn't help students own the outcomes that are embedded in the experiences that are showcased on their LinkedIn profile. A Digital Portfolio and LinkedIn can be connected by providing a link on LinkedIn to one's portfolio, but LinkedIn is not sufficient in itself. It is perhaps necessary in today's labor market - but it is not sufficient. The Dominican Experience is about students learning deeply about their skills and about who they are as individuals. The Digital Portfolio helps to do that by capturing those experiences and reflections over time and then giving a student the opportunity to translate that learning into a career plan and career tab toward the end of college." - Dean Finley


Can I keep my Digital Portfolio after graduation or if I transfer to another school?

Yes. At Dominican, you will be using the Google Site platform through the use of your Dominican Gmail account. Upon time of graduation (or in the event of school transfer), you must communicate with IT and Alumni Relations if you would like to merge the contents of your Student Gmail account to an Alumni Dominican Gmail account. The data from the Student Gmail account will then transfer to the new Alumni Dominican Gmail account. Or you may select the option to create a Personal Gmail account and merge the data from your Student Gmail account.

If you are in a program within the School of Education, then you are using the Education.Weebly.com platform. This is a external public platform which the student is in control of ownership (please read all legal disclaimers with any third party business).


Do I need to pay for a Digital Portfolio website?

No. Whether you are an incoming first-year or continuing student using Google Site or Education.Weebly.com, these platforms are free.


Security and Privacy: Is Gmail safe for Digital Portfolio work?

The Gmail account is safe for Digital Portfolio work. Dominican's IT Department as well as the Registrar's Office have been strong partners to ensure we are in line with security and privacy as this relates to Dominican computer usage policies as well as to the Family Educational Privacy Rights Act (FERPA). You are in complete control of sharing and privacy settings within Gmail/Google Sites. The default setting is set to "private." You may add an "editor" to your Google Site; however, the only roles the editor can be at this time are as an editor (edit content) or as the site owner. Please add an editor with caution.
  • Here are the levels of "link sharing":
    • Off (shared link with select individuals),
    • On (anyone at Dominican who has the link can access,
    • On (anyone at Dominican can access),
    • On (anyone who has the link can access, no sign-in required), and
    • On (public on the web; anyone on the internet can find and access, no sign-in required).
  • Digital Portfolio Google Site Policy 1003: In an effort to protect Dominican students and the overall institution, the Digital Portfolio Google Site Policy 1003 became effective August 22, 2016.