What is Community Engagement?

At Dominican, community engagement is about connecting the classroom, the campus, and the community through reciprocal partnerships. Engaging with the community isn’t a box to check; it’s fundamental to your learning. And it takes many shapes.



69% of employers are more likely to hire someone who’s done a community-based project (source)


Jason worked with local youth and young mothers to mount a community art installation through a service-learning course.

Katherina and Haley collaborated with a community hospital in Uganda through a global learning course.

Lilly and Zhanna interned at San Rafael-based cosmetics company Juice Beauty, putting their marketing and public relations skills to work.

Gina, Jessy, Crisha, and Brad won top prize in a teamwork challenge to innovate solutions to real-world problems using a 3D printer.

Sheridan and Luz performed community-based research on elephant seals at the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Why is community engagement part of the Dominican Experience?



94% of employers are more likely to hire someone who has done an internship (source)


83% of employers consider teamwork skills a priority in hiring recent college graduates (source).

80% of employers consider the ability to apply knowledge to real-world settings a priority in hiring recent college graduates (source).

Service-learning and student-faculty research can boost your learning and other gains like personal and social development by 81% (source).

Studying abroad can increase your chances of landing a job post-graduation and raise your starting salary by $6,000 or more (source).

How do I get connected with a community partner?

Your faculty advisor and an Integrative Coach and will support you in finding the community engagement opportunities that best match your goals. In the meantime, the Center for University Partnerships and Community Engagement is dedicated to maintaining community partnerships that are good for students and good for the world.