Archbishop Alemany Library

Archbishop Alemany Library is named in honor of Joseph Alemany, the first Archbishop of San Francisco and the archbishop who brought the Dominican Sisters to California. Opened in 1963, Alemany Library was one of seven libraries to be awarded for architectural excellence in the 1964 American Institute of Architects Library Building Awards Program. The library features computer facilities for students, study areas, the San Marco Gallery and classrooms.

Front of library


The San Marco Gallery

One of the most colorful and lively locations on campus, the San Marco Gallery is located on the main floor of Archbishop Alemany Library. The ever-changing works on display keep the viewer interested and the library's patrons surprised.

During the regular school year, works and art pieces by the Fine Art and Digital Art students and professors are on display. During the summer months, works by local artists, photographers, and sculptors are present for the viewing public. Admission to the gallery is free and operation hours are the same as the library's. View past artists and exhibits