Student Support


Investing in Students is a life changing and business building endeavor. It's an investment in your future employees.


Whether given once, annually, or through the creation of an endowed fund, scholarships are a wonderful way to support the academic and professional development pursuits of Dominican students. Scholarships can be customized to reflect donor interest regarding recipient characteristics, such as field of study, demographic background and/or co-curricular engagement (e.g. professional preparation internships, study abroad, and athletics).


Critical to a student's experience, internships bridge classroom learning and real world work. Benefits to the student are unmistakable: hands-on, practical experience in workplace applications during the learning process brings topics into focus and demonstrates the value of what is being taught. For corporate partners, this often represents the first step in a long-term employment experience, serving as an introductory "get-acquainted" period for future employee and employer under the best conditions.

Global Education

Fostering an appreciation of cultural diversity and global interdependence is a fundamental part of our Dominican education. There is no better way to develop a rich understanding of different cultural perspectives than by spending time living, learning, and working in a foreign country. There is a growing demand in the United States, across industries and geographical locations, for professionals who are multilingual and multicultural. Studying abroad and learning a new language gives our students the edge that your business demands. Notable opportunities include the MBA Global Practicum and studying for a semester at Oxford.

LeaderShape Institute 

An ethics-based leadership development program for young adults, LeaderShape is a week-long, on campus residential retreat. Each June, a group of up to 60 undergraduate students from local universities come together to learn about leading with integrity. Representatives from the community are invited to share business experience and insights with the group during the Business Forum Session.