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Arts and Dance Education

Cultivate, Create, Connect is an after-school art and dance enrichment program run by Dominican faculty and students in San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood. Local elementary and middle school students with limited access to visual and performing arts education have the opportunity to spend a semester creating and experiencing a variety of art and dance forms. Partially funded by Marin Community Foundation.  

Business Edge Briefings 

These meetings are an interactive, moderated discussions for business owners and organizational leaders highlighting cutting-edge strategies and techniques for businesses to be resilient and competitive in domestic and global environments. The briefings' goals are to ignite innovation, inspire creativity, and increase profits and productivity. 

ILS Leadership Lecture Series 

Conducted in partnership with Book Passage, we welcome neighbors and friends to join our students, faculty, staff and alumni as we learn about individuals seeking to promote constructive change in our world. 

Intergenerational Connections 

Nursing and Occupational Therapy  matches students with local older adults for conversations and wellness checks partially funded by Council of Independent Colleges and AARP Foundation to help students develop clinical skills and decrease social isolation in older adults.

Summer Odyssey

Summer Odyssey at Dominican is an innovative two-week program designed specifically for academically gifted and creatively talented students (grades 2-9) from Marin’s public and independent schools. Summer Odyssey challenges the intellect, stretches the imagination, and emboldens the talent of each participating child—regardless of their financial capacity to participate. Partially funded by the Fullerton Family Foundation.