Our office provides a range of services for decision support, assessment of curricular and co-curricular programs, and improvement of teaching and learning.

library stacks

  • Needs analysis
  • problem solving
  • planning and implementation


  • course and program learning outcomes
  • curricular mapping
  • making sense of assessment data

Curricular Design

  • all phases from concept to implementation and evaluation of learning
  • incorporating best practices from national and disciplinary models
  • faculty development through collaborative inquiry 


  • needs analysis
  • design and implementation
  • analysis and interpretation 

Focus Groups

  • deep dive into the stories of particular groups of interest
  • identify and recruit participants
  • implement and summarize results

Assessment and Accreditation Support

  • logistical and technical support for program review process
  • logistical and technical support for annual assessment reporting  
  • data analysis and reporting  for national and regional accreditation
  • develop proposals for new academic programs