Academic Assessment Committee

The Academic Assessment Committee leads the University’s efforts to nurture a “culture of evidence” where the goal of improving academic quality is approached as an ongoing inquiry and supported by appropriate and systematic research.


The work of assessment is guided by the values of our university. Our efforts advance the study of the conditions that support teaching and learning with a scholarly approach to data-gathering, analysis, and reporting. We aim to create an environment of reflection where faculty, students, and staff engage difficult and important questions collaboratively and in a spirit of honesty. Our projects, trainings, and review processes foster and deepen the connections that hold our community together; compassionate dialogue and formative feedback are central features of our practice. We emphasize service in our interactions with all members of the community and strive to enhance programs’ and students’ capacity to serve the wider world.


Roland Cooper, Faculty, School of Health and Natural Sciences
Amy Gilbert, Faculty, Archbishop Alemany Library
J. Daniel May, Faculty, School of Liberal Arts and Education
Mark McAlister, Faculty, School of Liberal Arts and Education
Susan Morris, Faculty, School of Health and Natural Sciences
Rajeev Sooreea, Faculty, Barowsky School of Business
Julia van der Ryn, Director, Service-Learning Program, Faculty, School of Liberal Arts and Education