Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is alumni participation?
A Dominican is able to determine its alumni participation rate by calculating the percentage of alumni who make an annual gift to the University. Every alumna/us who makes a gift counts toward our participation rate--regardless of the size of the donation. Last year, gifts of $100 or less generated $50,000. Every gift matters!
Q Why is alumni participation so important?

When foundations and corporations consider grant applications, they frequently ask for the alumni participation rate. A high rate of alumni participation is a vote of confidence that is heard clearly by potential investors. Your participation--at any gift level--serves as a catalyst for larger gifts and grants.

Alumni giving enables Dominican to provide scholarships to 93% of our students.
Q Can I designate my Dominican Fund gift to a specific area of the University?

You can designate your gift to most any department or unit on campus. A few areas that are always popular among alumni donors are Dominican scholarships, your academic department, campus ministry, and athletics. 100 percent of your Annual Fund donation goes directly to the area you designate for your gift.

Q How often will I be asked to give?
A We send three to four direct-mail appeals each year, and alumni volunteer and student phonathon programs attempt to reach as many individuals as possible.
Q Will my gift really make a difference?
A Your gift, combined with the gifts of others, will assist us in reaching The Dominican Fund goal of $1,000,000--the equivalent annual payout produced by a $20 million endowment.
Q Why don't all gifts count toward The Dominican Fund?
A The Dominican Fund consists of unrestricted gifts to the University that support the yearly operating budget. A gift made to support a specific project, such as a gift to the endowment or a capital project, cannot be used to meet the current operational needs of the University.
Q Will my Dominican Fund gift count toward my class' reunion campaign?
A All gifts made to Dominican will count toward your class' charitable totals each year, including reunion years. Please contact us if you would like more information about your class reunion campaign effort.
Q What is a matching gift?
A The company you work for may match your gifts to non-profit organizations like Dominican. It is like free money. Matching gift support often doubles or triples and individual's gift, and you get credit for it. You must ask your employer for the form to submit a request to have your gift matched.