From the Dean

Consistent with our mission and Diversity Declaration, the Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) facilitates the development of a diverse campus community that is inclusive and safe for all students, faculty and staff.

Founded in 2001, the primary success of the ODE has been in progressively establishing diversity and equity as core institutional values that enhance academic innovation and creativity. We work to provide diversity expertise, engagement, and experiences for everyone in Dominican's community that lead to transformative action with others, for all.

I believe, as an institution of higher education, we are an empirical theater for individuals to learn, synthesize and apply new ways of being and, through systemic change, transform old ways of being. We are all responsible for the changes we seek, and I believe in our lifetimes we can see the changes that need to happen. To this end, I request each member of our campus community to read our Diversity Declaration, and ask yourself, “How have I acted in support of it today?" We can stand together and build a future that embraces the richness of our diverse humanity—in all of its forms, at Dominican, and in the world daily. I invite your collaboration, your ideas, your creativity and your actions for diversity.

Come in. Our heads, hearts and hands are open. – Suresh Appavoo


Suresh Appavoo
Dean for Diversity and Equity
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