Meet the Staff

We support an inclusive environment where individuals are engaged, feel valued and respected, and have the tools to be successful both professionally and personally.

Meet the Staff




Betty Chen
Human Resources Manager - Recruitment and Employee Engagement 

[email protected] 

  • Recruitment and Search Committee Support
  • Position Analyst and Compensation Specialist
  • Adjunct CBA Data Tracking and Compliance
  • Employment Compliance & Immigration Lead
  • Orientation and On-Boarding Lead
  • Non-Employee Worker Management/Classification (Volunteers, Contractors, Agency Temps)



Dennis Levy


Dennis Levy
Human Resources Manager - Benefits and Wellness
[email protected]

  • Benefits Administration and Enrollment
  • LOA, WC, EDD Administration
  • Communication Liaison/HR Newsletter Lead
  • Employee Training / Professional Development Coordinator
  • Grievances, Employee Relations Support
  • Wellness Program Initiatives
  • HR Metrics/Data Reporting



Jesse Andrews


Jesse Andrews
Associate Director of Human Resources - Title IX & Risk Management, Title IX Coordinator
[email protected]

  • Title IX Coordinator and Lead Investigator
  • Grievances, Legal Issues, Risk Mgmt, Compliance
  • Employee Relations, Supervisor/Manager Guidance
  • Issues Log and Issues Documentation Management
  • Employee Training / Professional Development Lead
  • Performance Management Compliance & Support



Shanice Whittaker

  Shanice Whittaker

Senior Human Resources Manager 
[email protected]

  • Workday HRIS Lead Super-User
  • Workforce Planning/Compensation Lead
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Lead/Liaison
  • Employee Engagement and Events Lead
  • Diversity Initiatives Partner and DAG Liaison
  • Survey Compliance w/IR (i.e., IPEDS, CUPA, AAUP, AICCU)


Vanessa Vega  

Vanessa Vega  
Human Resources Coordinator
[email protected]  

  • Adjunct Employment Processing
  • Student Employment Processing
  • Recruitment and Applicant System (ATS) Support
  • Candidate Screening, Selection, Hiring Support
  • Employee Engagement and Events Coordinator



Wendy Lee 
Director of Human Resources
[email protected]  

  • HR Dept Leadership, Supervision, and Budget Mgmt
  • Personnel Policies, Procedures, and Practices
  • Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Investigations
  • Grievances, Legal Issues, Risk Mgmt, Compliance
  • Employee Relations, Supervisor/Manager Guidance
  • Organizational Development and Workforce Planning
  • Compensation and Benefits Planning