"I am fortunate enough to work with people who are committed to providing an environment in which each student is able to thrive, learn, and succeed."

—Sue Stavn, Assistant Dean

All regular employees working at least 30 hours per week are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following the date of active employment. Eligibility includes employee, spouse or registered domestic partner, and/or legal dependents. Temporary employees, except where applicable by law, are not eligible for University-funded benefits.

Employees may access detailed information regarding Dominican's benefits here.


Group Health Insurance

Comprehensive medical, vision, and dental insurance is provided. Portions of the premiums are the responsibility of the employee through payroll deduction, the amount of which is determined by employment status, plans chosen, and number of dependents.


Flexible Spending Account for Health and/or Dependent Care

In accordance with provisions of Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, the Flexible Spending Account allows employees to set aside a specific portion of their pre-tax pay, through payroll deduction, to reimburse certain health and dependent care expenses (i.e, medical co-pays, pharmaceutical products, daycare, etc.) with pretax dollars.


403(b) Retirement

The University’s retirement plan is offered through TIAA-CREF (the Teachers Insurance Annuity Association – College Retirement Equities Fund).  Upon hire, employees are eligible to participate in the group retirement plan.  After one year, the University contributes an amount equal to three percent of salary into a TIAA-CREF account in the employee’s name. Additionally, the University will match up to five percent of the employee’s contribution, for a total University contribution of up to eight percent. Employees may be eligible for University matching amounts after one year of service to the University.


Employees are also eligible to contribute their own additional money through TIAA-CREF’s Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) plan. Employee voluntary contributions are deducted from salary on a tax-deferred basis.


All contributions are vested immediately. Upon termination of employment or retirement, individuals must contact TIAA-CREF regarding their withdrawal options. Participation in the University's TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan is dependent upon continued University employment.


Group Life Insurance / Accidental Death and Dismemberment

The University provides a life insurance policy which involves accidental death and dismemberment. The premiums for these benefits are paid by the University. Employees can purchase additional supplementary life insurance coverage for employee or family members and pay premiums through payroll deduction.


Long-Term Disability

The University provides for income protection in the event that you are disabled for more than 180 days. The premiums for this benefit are paid by the University. 


Tuition Waiver

Eligible employees, spouse/domestic partner, and dependents are eligible for tuition waiver for Dominican University courses after six months of service. Temporary employees are not eligible for tuition waiver.


Tuition Exchange Program

Employees are eligible to participate in the Tuition Exchange program, a reciprocal scholarship program for children and other family members of faculty and staff employed at nearly 600 participating institutions.


Leaves Required by Law

Dominican complies with all leaves of absence as required by law.