Evacuation Procedures

Building Evacuation Procedures

Get Safe  Leave the building via the nearest stairway or exit if the fire alarm sounds, you smell gas, you see fire or smoke, or you are instructed to evacuate. Do not use elevators. Do not return to the evacuated building until instructed it is safe to do so.  Assist those with disabilities.

Get Help  Gather at the evacuation assembly area designated for that building.  Call 911 and Campus Security if emergency responders are not already present. 

Get a Plan  Check in with a Building Monitor or other campus official at the assembly area.  Faculty - check in with the Building Monitor and provide information about the status of the students in your class.  Give them your destination and contact information before leaving campus during.  Be sure the route to your destination is passable. 

Get Ready resources

Building Monitor Information

Evacuation Assembly Areas Map