Active Shooter Procedures

Active Shooter Procedures

Get Safe  Get Away or Hide Out.  If you can – run away from the building or leave campus.  Do not go to normal gathering areas.  Otherwise, Hide Out.  Lock and/or blockade your room or hiding area.  Turn out lights. Turn off noise producing devices if it will attract attention. Get low, hide out of view. 

Get Help  Call 911 (or 9-911 from campus phone).  Campus Security guards are not armed and are not first responders for violent situations, but they can help coordinate and can be contacted at 415-269-6070.

Get a Plan  Quietly develop a plan action in the event the shooter enters your hiding area.  If you got away from the area – stay away.  Do not assume it is safe until you receive explicit notice via an alert message or law enforcement officer.

Get Ready Resources

Run>Hide>Fight  Homeland Security sponsored 5 minute video with information on how to survive an active shooter event. 

Surviving an Active Shooter Event produced by Cascadia Community College

Unwanted Person and Active Shooter faculty/staff handout