Education and Research

Dominican is committed to sustainability-related educational practices.

Co-Curricular Education

  • Sustainability in Outreach and Publications

Dominican currently has several sustainability-focused outreach forums, consisting of the following: Greener Dominican website, Sustainable Dominican website, sustainability section in Human Resources' newsletter and signage in the dining hall about sustainably sourced food.

  • Student Group

There is a Green Club, which is a student club promoting sustainability-related activities to the entire campus community, with a particular focus on undergraduate students.

  • Themed Housing

Dominican's sustainability-themed housing is the Sustainable Living-Learning Community (LLC). The mission of the Sustainable LLC is to engage students to learn outside of the classroom and to develop a sustainable community that can act as a model for other communities.

  • Sustainability Events

The Sustainability Showcase Event that took place in Spring 2012 was funded by a grant awarded by the university to help educate the campus and broader community on sustainability. It highlighted some of Dominican's most exciting sustainability-related work.

  • Outdoors Program

There is a Student Health Hiking Group, whose purposes are for students to get exercise, discuss any health topics, appreciate the environment and learn how to respect and preserve it, reduce stress and get to know other students.

  • Themed Semester or Year

The theme of Dominican's first-year experience is "Big History", which explores the story of humans as Earth's dominant species and our role in shaping possible futures for the planet.  This theme addresses the personal and communal implications of our history and emphasizes global interconnectivity.


  • Sustainability Course Identification

Dominican has created an inventory that identifies all sustainability-focused courses and sustainability-related courses offered by the university, as well as programs that have sustainability learning outcomes. Here is a link to the complete SUSTAINABILITY COURSE INVENTORY

  • Sustainability-Focused Courses

Dominican currently offers 42 courses that have been identified as sustainability-focused (2.5% of total course offerings). Courses were identified through questionnaires sent to faculty members and by reviewing of course descriptions.

  • Sustainability-Related Courses

Dominican currently offers 160 courses that have been identified as sustainability-related (9.6% of total course offerings). Courses were identified through questionnaires sent to faculty members and by reviewing course descriptions.

  • Sustainability Courses by Department

There are currently 16 academic departments at Dominican (out of 18 total) that offer at least one sustainability-focused or sustainability-related course.

  • Sustainability Student Learning Outcomes

Currently, there are four graduate programs that have sustainability learning outcomes.  Additionally, the First Year Experience, with which all undergraduate programs begin, has sustainability learning outcomes.

  • Sustainability Immersive Experience

The Sustainable Practices Certificate program supports working professionals in implementing sustainable practices in their workplaces, lives and communities.  The program includes opportunities for practical application and interaction within the Bay Area's sustainability sector.

  • Sustainability Research Identification

Dominican has developed a definition of sustainability research and has identified its sustainability research activities, which involved submitting questionnaires to faculty members. Here is a link to the complete SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH INVENTORY

  • Faculty Engaged in Sustainability Research

Dominican currently has seven tenure-track and tenured faculty members engaged in sustainability research (out of 67 total tenure-track and tenured faculty members engaged in research).

  • Departments Engaged in Sustainability Research

Currently, Dominican has four academic departments in which at least one faculty member engages in sustainability research (out of 14 total academic departments that conduct research).