Class of 2014 Shield

The Class of 2014 Senior Shield was designed by Maia Kobabe with the motto, “Celebrate the Enlightened Mind.”

The shield for the Class of 2014 is exemplary of the rich and storied tradition of borrowing design elements from the bestowing class’ shield, introducing new themes, and combining both into a unified visual motto to help guide the class through its journey at Dominican.

A source of life for all living things, the sun is a universally understood symbol for inspiration and enlightenment; serving to guide with its light the path of learning that these students have chosen to follow. The rose, a symbol steeped in tradition, history and imagination, was considered by the poet Sa’ad of Shiraz to be a source of contemplation. Here it represents the beauty of mind and spirit imbued by the Dominican education.

Guided by the light of inspiration, may the students of the Class of 2014 always seek truth and see beauty in the world. May the knowledge gathered along their journey help them to move beyond the thorns of prejudgment and to blossom in their quest for enlightenment.