Class of 2013 Shield

The shield for the Class of 2013, by means of strong visual elements, juxtaposes the lifeworld of the modern university student against the rich and storied tradition of this institution.

The focal point of the image shows a globe presented forth and supported by two hands. Though the students of the Class of 2013 may differ in terms of their national origin, their cultural heritage, and their respective ideologies, they share the common bond of being citizens of the global information society that, through the search for truth and wisdom, transcends boundaries, inspires acceptance, and unites the disparate. The strong and supportive hands present the globe against the backdrop of the symbols of our Dominican heritage – the four pillars of study, service, community, and reflection. At the bottom of the shield is the Hound of St. Dominic borrowed from the University’s firebrand. Just as St. Dominic was destined to set the world on fire with the wonder of his preaching, so shall the students of the Class of 2013 – by means of the study, service, and reflection that unites them in solidarity as Dominican scholars – go forth and share their wisdom with others in the larger global community.