Class of 2011 Shield

“Study Nurtures the Roots of Change”

In honoring the Dominican value of study, the focal point of this shield is the book of knowledge, inscribed with the Class of 2011.  Behind the book is the rising sun – a universal symbol for inspiration, enlightenment, and understanding.  The sun’s powerful and enduring rays are depicted as flames; an homage to the vision of St. Dominic “setting the world on fire through his preaching.”

Just as Dominic set forth to teach understanding and compassion in a changing world, the class of 2011 will soon venture out unto a landscape of great political, cultural, and global change.  The roots that grow from below the book serve as a living connection and vital stronghold to our Dominican heritage and ideology – providing the necessary understanding, wisdom, and integrity that will enable these scholars to go forth and transform the many communities of which they are a part.